Our Menu Welcome to the website for the NYC/Northern NJ/Westchester NY Area Club Grand Prix (TSACGP)!
Proudly serving the New York, NJ Metropolitan Area. Join us now and begin to share your experiences with other enthusiasts, it costs nothing to be a member.
There aren't many requirements for club membership. TSACGP is mostly comprised of 1997 & newer Grand Prix owners. We at TSACGP endeavor to be a upstanding, mature group of automotive enthusiasts.  All automotive enthusiasts are truly encouraged to join. If this describes you, and you want to be a part of the TSACGP, then we want to hear from you.
Step one:
Begin by joining
CLUBGP and registering your Grand Prix/Regal in the owner's registry. Be sure to write down your user ID. After you have registered at CLUBGP,   join the TSACGP mailing list by sending a message to the list moderator with a subject line "subscribe to your mailing list".  Tell us a little note about yourself, and what you drive.
Nothing formal just introduce yourself.
Step two (not necessary, but helpful):
Is to provide us with your name as you wish for it to appear here,
Make, model, and year of your car, pictures, or links to pictures of your car,
List of modifications (as you wish it to appear) done to your car, Club GP ID#, Club GP name, AIM ID, Yahoo ID,
Email address that you wish to use,  Yahoo ID, & town you live in.
TSACGP was founded in June 2002, and is a chapter of ClubGP, a nationwide club dedicated to the Pontiac Grand Prix, and other W-bodies.  Learn more about the club by clicking on the links on the left.
What the club is about:
Drag Racing Days - even if you don't race, come on down & have a good time
Mod Days- spend a day sharing/working on your true love :-)
Modifications - learn/share performance modification experiences
Get togethers/BBQ's - meet & share experiences, enjoy good food
Plain old fun - or whatever you can think of